CD Reviews

Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing
Leisure Hive - Our Secret Films
Pitchshifter -
Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
Second Skin - Choir Invisible
Bitter Grace - God And The Abyss

Past Reviews

Canister - Blame
(Children on) Stun - Mondo Weird
Cranes - Population Four
Delerium - Karma
Dream Disciples - At The Edge Of The Abyss
the Machine in the Garden - Underworld
Manuskript - The Diversity Of Life
Noise Unit - Drill
Orifice - Gollywoggle
Republica - Republica
Sabot - [sabo]
Spindle Shanks - Spindle Shanks
These Crimson Dreams - Heads On Fire EP
Thirteen Candles - Angels Of Mourning Silence
Various (Subconscious Communications) - Paradigm Shift

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