Issue #2.2

Here it is! The first facelift (all be it subtle), and transmigration of the Deviation pages

We are now heading for one final destination - and only one - that is to be the biggest, the best and the sexiest! Backing me up in this quest is my newly crowned co-pilot, and God of all things beardy, Mr. Dave HeXene.

From this day forth, every review, article and interview we include will be archived and forever available for your eternal delectation. (Obviously, it'll take some time for the catalogue to build up - but it will, you mark my words sonny-Jim!)

We're currently toying with ideas to further broaden the scope of Deviation - Web Boards, live debates, Picture Gallerys, etc... all the usual cool stuff - and one day some of that will probably be implemented.

Anyway, I'll end by making the same promises I haven't managed to keep up 'til now - but at least I've got Dave to keep me in line now! Articles, Reviews and Interviews will be added to this 'Issue' on a regular basis - so it will be well worth checking it out every couple of weeks, just to see if there's anything new - and then in a year or so's time ALL of the contents will be archived, and replaced with 'Issue Three'.

Thanks again is due to the various contributors and inspirations to and behind Deviation, so: thanks. I love you all. Now, anybody fancy rubbing my shoulders?

Thanks for your time,

Editor: Paul @ Broome/Pebbles
Co-Editor/Technical Guru: Dave HeXene/Carpet Boy
Contributing Writers: Miles Fender, Ridley McIntyre

Thanks To: Nasha (muchos besos, mi amor XXX), Stu, Mossop, Debbie, Cat, Robbie Heresy Lee and Amanda, Greg Banshee, Mel (Mel), Gaz (for the PC!!), Vicky (for the other PC!), Ian Mercat Mann, Roger FracÚ, Shawnee, Nick deWolfe, Pat, Dave and Bonnie, Jo and MaryAnn and all the contributors and bands involved.

This issue is dedicated to my sister Nicola, and my brand new niece Alise! (born 09:15, 30/09/98)

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