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Marilyn Manson

Mechanical Animals

'Mechanical Animals' (Nothing/Interscope)

The New Marilyn Manson arrives, kicking off phase three of the Spooky Kid's plan for universal domination (and thenceforth destruction) with a few zappy sounds, a phased guitar, and a drum machine. Now, you may recall that I'm one of the few pro-Manson scribes in this particular dark corner of the world - and 'Mechanical Animals' only strengthens my faith.

It kicks off with the mammoth, and fiercely shimmering 'Great Big White World', and basks in its own glory for the next fourteen tracks. Anthems lurk around every corner, from the forthcoming single 'The Dope Show', and the 90's glamrock stomp of 'Rock Is Dead', to the traffic-stopping 'I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)' - which looks like becoming an 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll' for the next millenium (and, yes, that's a compliment!). 'Posthuman', meanwhile delves deep into the forgotten vaults of industrial disco.

While the majority of the album strides on with its power chordz and shimmering catsuits, there is still the odd reflective moment ('Disassociative', the glorious 'The Speed Of Pain', and the closing track 'Coma White').

The talk beforehand was of Manson deserting his metal/industrial roots in search of mainstream success, but this has proved to not be the case - in fact, I think the change is probably smaller than it could have done with being.

'Mechanical Animals' is the album that Babylon Zoo wanted to make, but only managed to get within a hundredth of the way towards it.

Classic, anthemic, and catchy as clap. What more can I say? (PB)


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