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Gollywoggle (Opaline Records)

More pleasant surprises from across the water in New England, again here. Orifice are fronted by the intriguingly named Kelly Kreep, who comes across like Siouxsie Sioux's wicked younger sister while conjuring up creepy images of dark nights and tentacles under the bed. Orifice offer something different - something which is at once simple, immensely listenable, and clever (but not irritatingly so).

I think the best possible way of describing this album would be 'psychotically seductive' (part of me would love to be alone with Kelly's voice, but another part would fear for my life!). The music is very catchy at times - especially on tracks such as 'Thorn (Bed Of Lorn)' and 'Finch' - with Kelly's lyrics steeped in black humour (as you may guess from the title of the album).

It's Kelly's layered disharmonies which make Orifice unique - contradicting all musical common sense they emerge from the mire smelling sweetly of absinthe and black roses. And when the vocals are sunk deep into the mix, as on 'Tightrope', they appear even creepier and otherworldly.

Great stuff for dark and misty (and slimy) nights. (PB)


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