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Dream Disciples

At The Edge Of The Abyss

'At The Edge Of The Abyss' (Carrion)

Decent live albums are a very rare commodity, especially whenone narrows the field down to Gothic bands. There's Earth Inferno of course, and then there's Live Seeds, and Auffuhrung In Berlin, and then...well, then we're getting into the area of dodgy bootlegs recorded on dictaphones. Dream Disciples took the plunge of attempting to defy the odds and produce a decent live album last year - digitally recording their gig at The Mercat in Birmingham. Several months later, after sifting through the live tapes and remixing the twelve best tracks, the resulting CD was unleashed.

And it was worth the wait! The quality of the recording is quite astounding, everything is just so clear - and while it obviously doesn't quite match actually being there, it comes pretty damned close. The choice of tracks is suitably diverse, with selections spanning the three albums - from 'Resting Place' through 'In Amber' to 'Messiah' - although a few favourites sadly didn't make the cut, due to problems with the recording (most notably 'Care Of The Devil' and 'Mark 13'). The audience is also just as vociferous on the recording as we were on the night, and - thankfully - the sing-a-long during the cover of 'Sweet Dreams' remains intact, and manages to capture the whole atmosphere of the night in just a handful of words.

If you weren't there on the night, and you didn't get a free copy, then I would urge you to try and track down one of the limited copies - as this is destined to become a much sought after recording. (By the way, I'm the one shouting loudest at the end of 'Slowburn'!). (PB) (aka: Paul And Angela)


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